Striving to provide high quality instruction and education in dance and performing arts to the local youth and the Big Island community.


 The  2016-2017 Dance Season is split into two sessions,  a Fall Semester and a Spring Semester. There is a fall, winter, and spring break.

The Fall Semester:  runs from September 8th thru December 21st with a Fall break October 10th-15th and November 22nd-26th off for Thanksgiving.  During the fall semester the primary focus of the classes is learning dance technique involved in the particular discipline that they are working on. The Fall Semester ends when Winter Break begins.

The Spring Semester: runs January 9th-June 4th with a spring break March 20th-25th. This semester, the  focus of the classes, while still including technique, will be working on choreography and performance skills, in preparation for the end of the season Dance Performance.  Registration class students are expected to participate in the Performance, and to be included, all commitments (attendance and financial) and all deadlines must be met by the student.  The Performance is an important part of dance education.  It helps students understand why they have spent so many hours working and practicing technique, and to experience their art-form in the manner it was intended.

Office hours

Front desk will be open Monday-Friday 2:30-6:00pm and Saturday 9:00-10:30am. If you need assistance during non-office hours please contact Heidi Noche, Managing Director at (808) 657-4473 or email at
Please do not contact the teachers for studio related questions in person, phone or text. The time before and after classes is the teacher's prep time and there is usually not time between classes for conversations. If you would like to speak to a teacher one on one the Managing Director is happy to set up an appointment for you.

Attendance and Make-up Classes
Registration classes do require regular attendance, and under most circumstances, there will be no refund or credit offered. Makeup classes are only available for excused absences with instructor and studio approval. Makeup classes are not granted for every missed class and will only be allowed if there is an available class that meets the needs and requirements
for the student.
Students are asked to miss no more than 3 classes in one Semester.  If  a student has more than 3 unexcused absences in the Spring Semester they will not be allowed to participate in the Performance even if costumes have already been purchased.   
If a student is
sick, but does not call before class to let us know, it is considered an unexcused absence.
Students may be asked by the teacher to take a make-up private lesson to catch up with the class. It is the teacher's prerogative to decide if that is needed, and is not determined by the number of classes the student missed. Make-up private lessons are not mandatory.
Students must attend the last week of classes before the showcase, May 29th-June 2nd to participate in the Performance. No exceptions.
All registration class students must commit to the entire school year, which runs from September 8th-June 4th, with the end of year Performance taking place June 3rd and 4th. The curriculum is spread out over the entire school year, therefore, it is important that students understand they are committing to attending the entire school year.


All cancellations of private lessons must be made no later than 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the lesson. In the event that Kona Dance and Performing Arts must cancel a private lesson, a full refund will be offered to the students if the teacher is unable to provide a makeup class.
In the event that the Studio must cancel a class due to circumstances  beyond our control,  such as bad weather,  natural  disaster, etc., Kona Dance and Performing Arts will work with the teacher to find a time that will allow for a makeup class at no additional cost to the student,  but will not provide refunds in the event that the teacher or students are unable to attend or provide a makeup class.

Open Door Policy

We strive to have an open door policy and we invite your comments, suggestions, concerns and even your criticism; as this is the only way we can address matters quickly.  For the 2016-2017 season, please contact Heidi Noche, Managing Director at (808) 657-4473 or email:

Class Placement
It is the sole discretion of Kona Dance and Performing Arts and its teachers to decide the correct placement for each student. There are many reasons a student may be moved to a higher level class or kept
in the same level. We make every effort to base our decisions on what will be best for the student and class as a whole. Parents and students who feel that the level the student is in, is incorrect, are encouraged to discuss this with Managing Director in a private meeting.

Private Lessons/Solos

Students are invited to enroll in private lessons. Private lessons are valuable and beneficial for all ages and levels.  Individual attention allows the student to focus on the areas they need most and students often see huge improvements in their technique.  Private lessons at Kona Dance and Performing Arts are scheduled directly with the teacher and paid to the teacher. To perform a solo in the Performance, student must be enrolled in a class at Kona Dance and Performing Arts, and cannot perform more solos than they take classes. Each solo performed must take a minimum of 20 hours in private lessons. Private lessons for students performing in showcase must begin no later than the last week of October.  

Registration Fees
All registration class students will be responsible for the following fees. These fees are non-refundable and are one time fees:
Registration Fee: $15.00 - this fee is a non-refundable registration fee to register and attend class. This is a one time fee per season, per family, and is not per class registered. Registration fees help cover the costs of  the administrative work involved in having a student participate in classes at the studio.

Performance Fee: $35.00. All registration class students must pay a  $35 non-refundable performance fee. This fee is not optional. All students in registered classes are expected to participate
in the end of the year Performance. The performance fee will be applied toward the student’s costume payment for our year end performance.

If a student withdraws from class prior to costume payment deadline the $35 showcase fee will be refunded. If a student withdraws or switches classes after the costume has been ordered (December 21st)  the $35 fee will be used to cover return shipping and administration costs and the new class costume will be full price.

Jack Rabbit Parent Portal

All families are encouraged to create an account through our parent portal. You may access this by registering online on our website: and you will receive an email with login instructions. Here, you will be able to register  your student
in classes, make payments and view schedule.

Early Withdrawal/Change of Class
Decisions  the studio makes about  our class schedule is greatly influenced by the number of students enrolled in our classes. Class sizes are limited, and once a class is full we close it to new students. We do require a commitment to the entire dance season and discourage withdrawing early, unless absolutely necessary. Below is our policies on early withdrawal/change of class:
To withdraw without being responsible for tuition for the entire dance season, a student must notify the studio of  their withdraw in writing. They will be charged for classes up until the written notification is received, even if they did not attend classes prior to the notice.  
A student who stops attending, but never informs the studio in writing of their official withdrawal, will be charged a
one time cancellation fee of $200.00.

Parent Watch Week
There will be a Parent Watch Week during each Semester. See current Calendar for dates. During Parent Watch Week, the parents  are invited and encouraged to sit in the studio  during  the class, and at the end of class participate  in a question and answer period. This will also be a time when important studio news and handbooks may be passed out to the parents. All observers  must avoid distracting the class. No talking to students, teachers, or other observers while watching  the class.

Christmas Parade
This year, Kona Dance and Performing Arts will be  participating in the Kailua-Kona annual Christmas Parade. This is not a mandatory event for students,  but we encourage all students to participate, as it is fun for all. More information will be given as the event nears.

Halloween Costume Week

The week before Halloween, students may wear a costume to class. This is OPTIONAL and student is not required to come in costume, and  if they choose not to, please wear regular uniform. Costumes that are worn to class, must allow students to dance comfortably and safely. No costume pieces that could fall off or impair  their vision or movement allowed. Proper dance shoes are still required. Please have students  bring their regular uniform in case there is a problem with costume.

Jump Dance Convention
The studio will be participating in the Jump Dance Convention on Oahu on May 26th-28th.  All students are invited to participate in workshops and attend as part of the studio. Information will be posted as the convention dates draw nearer.

End of Year Dance Performance

A complete handbook will be given to all students in the beginning of the Spring Semester. Below is information you may need to know before receiving the handbook:

All students in a registration class are expected to participate in the Performance, provided they meet all studio requirements and deadlines. Choreography will be set according to the students in each class, and students will be practicing their parts in  relation to the  other  students. A student who  says they will  participate, but drops  out later or fails to meet the requirements, will be letting their classmates down, creating stress on the entire class, and slowing down class progress because they will have to rework the routines. Please make arrangements so that you or your student will be able to meet their commitments toward their class.

Students should know that the focus of the Spring Semester will be on getting ready for the End of Year Performance. Class time will be devoted to learning choreography, rehearsing, trying on costumes, and other Performance related things.

Attendance from all students is very important for the Spring Semester. Students shall not miss more than 3 classes for the entire semester in order to participate in Performance. Any student who misses the last week of classes will not be allowed to participate in the Performance.

The end of the Year Dance Performance and Dress Rehearsal will be held at the Aloha Theater June
3rd, and 4th.  All participants are required to attend Dress Rehearsal on June 2nd, and any student not attending Dress Rehearsal will not be allowed to participate in the Performance.

All participants are required to be able to attend the show on June 3rd and 4th. If a student is unable to attend either of these please talk with the managing director before committing to the school year.


All students must purchase a costume to participate in the performance. Costumes will be chosen by the instructor so that they will match the overall vision of their choreography.

Costumes will cost a total of $75.00 per costume. Each class a student is in will have a separate costume.

The $35 non­ refundable performance fee will be applied toward the total costume fee due, provided the student does not withdraw early. The remaining costume dues can be paid at anytime as long as it is on or before the deadline of January 9, 2016. No refunds will be given for costumes once they’ve been altered or released to the family. If a student withdraws early they will have the option of paying the remainder costume amount and keeping the costumes they purchased. If they choose not to pay the remainder costume fee the $35 performance fee will not be refunded and will be used to cover return shipping and administrative costs.

Measurements of the students will be taken to help find the size the costume company  recommends,  but the costumes will not be custom made and created to fit the student's measurements.

Costumes often need to be altered. All alterations will be taken care of by Kona Dance and Performing Arts if the student attends a scheduled "alteration day". Date TBA. If a student cannot attend the day (or days) made available for alterations to take place, they will be responsible for the cost of their own alterations.

New tights or shoes may be required on top of the costume fee if they are not in performance condition.

Parking Recommendations
Due to our limited resources in parking space, Kona Dance and Performing Arts
make the following recommendations to eliminate any inconveniences in your
children’s dance experiences with us, and your family’s safety.
( Please see attached map, with the following parking & drop off areas clearly
marked and labelled )
Area #1. Kona Dance & Performing Arts parking lot. Up the hill in front of the
roll up door there are several lined parking stalls. Please use these stalls only and do
not park up against the building. This will cause congestion and accidents. We
would also like to use this area as a “transitional” parking area, for unloading
smaller children and/or equipment. Short term parking only, and teacher parking.
Area #2. Halekii St. are two stalls fronting the building, by the front entrance.
These are to be used as a Drop Off/Pick Up Only, no parking, to be used for older
children. This can insure for a constant flow of students, in and out, with
back-up of traffic.
Area #3. South side of Halekii St., fronting Kona Dance & Performing Arts, is a
long stretch of parking area, curbside. This is long term parking. Please be mindful
to lock your car, watch traffic as you cross the street, and be aware of the “no
parking” sign.
Area #4. Turning into the College and County Office Bldgs. There is ample
parking and it is just a short walk across the street to Kona Dance & Performing
Arts. This parking area is recommended to eliminate congestion in the small area
we have available.
Thank you for your co-operation with the above parking recommendations.