Studio Policies

Students should arrive in the studio with approved dance attire and dance shoes for class. Registration classes see Dress Code page in handbook.

Students are expected to have hair pulled back and secured out of the face in

bun, low pony, or french braid.

Students should arrive ten minutes prior to class start time in order to put items away, begin warming up, and begin the class on time.

Students should wait quietly in student area for class to begin and stay off dance floor prior to class. Students should be under parental supervision until class begins.

Students are expected to clean up after themselves and treat the studio with respect. No gum, food, or beverages allowed other than water on the dance floor.

All students must sign a waiver before taking class. Waivers will be available at sign in.

Payment for class is due prior to the start of class. Cash, local check, and credit card accepted.

We request that every registration student/family keep a credit card on file. The credit card provided will serve for automatic payments if you choose or will be charged if tuition is late more than five business days.

All monies are non-refundable. Non-sufficient checks are subject to a $25.00 fine.

Tuition is based on a 35-week dance season. Tuition is divided into 10 equal payments and will remain the same whether it’s a short (3-week) or long (5-week) month. The schedule has been designed so that every class receives a total of 35 classes with the exception of Monday classes (34 classes) that will be offered a master workshop class as a “make up” with no additional charge. Tuition is non-refundable.

Students withdrawing registration prior to the start of the semester will receive a full refund if done before the start of the first class. If a student is withdrawing from a class the studio must be informed in writing 30 days prior to the student’s last class, otherwise, the account will be charged.

There are no refunds or guaranteed makeup classes for missed classes. Makeup classes are only available for excused absences with instructor and studio approval. Makeup classes are not granted for every missed class and will only be allowed if there is an available class that meets the needs and requirements for the student.

Students are strongly encouraged to attend every class. Excused absences include illness, birth or death in the family, family wedding, required school functions, etc. with prior discussion with the studio. If you know your child will not be in class please call the studio. As much advanced notice that can be given is appreciated. Only excused absences will be given the consideration of a makeup class but makeup classes are never guaranteed.

Minors must have parents enter the studio and remain with them until the student has started class. Minors must be picked up at class end time.If any minor is remaining in the studio 10 minutes after his or her class end time without a parent there will be an additional charge of $10.

In the event of inclement weather, we will follow the Hawaii DOE School District closures.

Striving to provide high quality instruction and education in dance and performing arts to the local youth and the Big Island community.