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Intro to Acting




8 weeks

About the Course

Ages 12-19

Sat 11:00-12:00

Jan 27th-Mar 16th

Your Instructor

Shemaiah Quarles

Shemaiah was born and raised in Nashville, TN. His passion for theatre started a few years before actually starting to act. He remembers seeing the backstage crew and thinking that they were the coolest people on earth. They had their headset and they ran the show. A few years later he was asked to audition for a show and his passion took off. This passion brought him through all his school years ending with a BA in Theatre. A few years later he moved to Kona and joined a performing arts group in YWAM (Youth With A Mission). From 2017-2021 he traveled the globe performing in many different countries performing through theatre and dance. Since leaving the group, he has gotten married and sought his own journey in the arts. Shemaiah’s desire is to revive the heart of the arts and not to see it as not just entertainment, but as self expression.

Shemaiah Quarles
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