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Safety and Security




2 hrs

March 25, 2023 at 10:30:00 PM

About the Course

Join Kona Dance and Performing Art’s President of the Board, Dana Mattos, for our “Safety and Security” Workshop for Wahine aged 15 and up. This important workshop gives a mental awareness to dangers facing us as humans, and provides for the idea that true self defense starts in your mind. We will begin with dialogue on the idea and true meaning of “Self Defense" with a portion dedicated specifically to asking any questions you have and getting answers from an expert. After this, we will begin learning basic footwork patterns that can be used in times of true need and as well as examples from Bela Diri, including escapes from grabs.

Your Instructor

Dana Mattos

Dana Mattos

Dana served in the US Army, Military Police in 1981-1983, then moved to Hawaii in 1984.
Dana then was hired by the Hawaii County Police Dept. in 1990, went through basic police
academy and served on the Big Island / Kona District as a patrol officer. During the first year he was introduced to Dr. Bahati Mershant, who was teaching Kuntao Silat, a giant step above the weaponless defense training provided by the police dept. Dana remained in classes with Dr. Mershant until Jan. 2000, when Dr. Mershant stepped down as an instructor. Dr. Mershant granted Dana the title of instructor in 1996, to which Dana has been teaching his DAMASOC System under the School Name, Kuntao Silat Kali Hawaii.
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