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Company Program


The Company program will feature a host of new and exciting elements this season such as composition, improvisation, partnering, and multimedia exploration. We will continue with goal setting & tracking, conditioning, self-care, master classes, and the audition experience (preparation and process).

The program is designed to offer individualized attention to each participant while encouraging the raising of one’s own personal standard. The goal of Company members is to master personal preparations, fostering confidence through training and exposure, and to inspire students to take full advantage of all opportunities through a deeper knowledge of self- becoming experts of their own bodies. The Company training will allow access to a variety of instructors and genres that are not necessarily offered in our registered classes alone.


Some of the curriculum will include:

  • Intro/Goal Setting: Conditioning, Creativity, Composition

  • Connection: Contact Modern Improv, Partnering, possibly Acro Yoga, Ballroom

  • Journaling (through pen and body) & Visualization techniques

  • Core Conditioning (video and homework)- December break

  • Multimedia: How to be ok in front of and behind the camera. Understanding filtered versions of video.

    Techniques for learning choreography & collaboration remotely. Behind camera experience with tools for creating student’s own documentation (resumes, etc.)

  • Mastering the Auditions process and engaging in new compositions with instructors they otherwise may not get to work with.

  • Additional access to teacher consultation, collaboration, and guidance.


Throughout the season, students will continue to learn: self care, visualization, conditioning, sleep hygiene, nutrition, stage preparation, organization of bags/thoughts/choreographic process/priorities/performances, exploration of movement, self, and surroundings while fostering their own voices and individualized needs.​.


We aim to enable the participants to begin to produce movement that comes from a genuine place inside of themselves, free of judgement or concern over external validation. The Company is structured to promote a positive self-view and help break off societal standards young people often feel pressured to submit to.

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