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                                                                                    Studio Policies 


  •  Students must arrive in appropriate dance attire for class, as listed in Dress Code, and are expected to have hair pulled back and secured out of the face.


  • Students must have appropriate dance shoes ( i.e. ballet, tap or jazz shoes).


  • It is recommended that students arrive ten minutes prior to class start time in order to warm up and class on time.


  • Students must wait quietly in the waiting student area for class to begin and remain in the waiting area until the instructor takes students onto the dance floor.


  • We invite families to relax in our Family Waiting Area while class is in session and get to know other parents and relatives who are a part of Kona Dance. Please do not pull chairs up to the doors or stand in the doorway, as it is a distraction to our students and teachers. We schedule Family Watch Week so that families may observe classes. Please help us keep our Family Waiting Area tidy and free of trash.


  • No gum, food, or beverages allowed other than water on the dance floor.


  •  Minors must have parents enter the studio and remain with them until the student has started class. Minors must be picked up at class end time. If any minor is in the building 10 minutes after his or her class end time without a parent there will be an additional charge of $15 to your account. There will be an additional charge of $20 every 15 minutes after that.


  •  Registration classes do require regular attendance, and under most circumstances, there will be no refund or credit offered. Makeup classes are only available for excused absences with instructor and studio approval.

  •   Account credits expire after 12 months. With the exception of work trade.


  • In the event that the studio must cancel a class due to circumstances beyond our control, such as inclement weather, natural disaster, etc. Kona Dance and Performing Arts will work with the teacher to find a time that will allow for a makeup class at no additional cost to the student, but will not provide refunds in the event that the teacher or students are unable to attend or provide a makeup class.


  • Kona Dance and Performing Arts does not offer parking for our studio with the exception of Staff parking and one handicap space in the fenced area. The following areas may be available for parking but Kona Dance and Performing Arts will not be held liable for anyone parking in the areas. 

   Area #1. Kona Dance Performing Arts parking lot. Staff and handicap parking.

   Area #2. Halekii St. are two stalls fronting the building, by the front entrance. These are to be used as a Drop Off/Pick Up Only. This can insure for a constant flow of students, in and out, with minimal back-up of traffic. 

 Area #3. South side of Halekii St., fronting Kona Dance and Performing Arts, is a long stretch of parking area, curbside. This is long term parking. Please be mindful to lock your car, watch traffic as you cross the street, and be aware of the “no parking” sign.

 Area #4. Turning into the College and County Office Bldgs. There is ample parking and it is just a short walk across the street to Kona Dance and Performing Arts. This parking area is recommended. Please be mindful to lock your car and watch traffic as you cross the street

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