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Teaching Assistant Program


Teens are granted tuition-free classes when they assist teach at Kona Dance and Performing Arts, providing daily opportunities to learn time management and responsibility as they manage their own class schedules with their assistant teaching schedules. They also take part in a year-long Teacher Assistant training with our Artistic Director to better understand child development, learning styles, and leading by example on the dance floor.


Teens are asked for a one time $50 investment and an essay about their passion for teaching to participate in the program. Beyond that, the Teen Teacher Assistant Program is entirely studio-funded, from the year-long training to the classes that the teens take tuition-free.

Our teen dancers gain valuable job experience as they learn to follow through with commitment, adapt to high stakes situations, and enhance communication skills with different personalities. Whether our teen dancers seek to pursue dance as a career or they use it as an outlet for expression, the experience they gain serving as a role model for the entire student body is invaluable.

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